Nova – 4 Months

18 Oct

Nova is doing very well this month. She’s started using “b”, “m”, and “p” sounds, as well as SQUEALING in delight, which is a real treat for us, especially at 4 in the morning. She can now roll from her tummy to her back and she can get her entire foot in her month although she was too tired during this particular photographic endeavor to indulge us. She shows a real preference for people she is comfortable with these days and checks new people out with a pretty critical eye, not to mention knowing exactly how and when she’ll let you hold her. (For personal reference, she prefers her back to your front so she can check everything out.) She’s also becoming a real pro at taking things from my hands or grabbing them from inside of her crib and chewing on them or making them rattle if they happen to be noise makers. Her feeding schedule has also slowed down quite significantly. Some days we can get away with 5 feedings a day, some days when she’s needy it’s back up to the regular every 3 hours.

According to The Wonder Weeks she is now able to perceive short, familiar series’ of transitions with all of her senses and when it comes to her interactions. She’s better at actively participating in nursery rhymes like “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and is interested in things like a bird in flight, a floating balloon, slowly clapping your hands, and watching herself grasp objects. This is a really interesting book actually because we can actively see the mental development taking place, rather than following milestones which we feel are important to keep in the back of your mind, but not necessarily anything to have a panic attack over. She’s growing at a great, healthy rate and is meeting milestones at her own pace so we’re happy that she’s happy!

This week I’ll be attempting to make her some sleep sacks. They sell for about $35 retail and I feel like I can buy fabric and thread for much cheaper than that. I can probably get about 5 sleep sacks out of $35 so wish me luck! Ha. I’ll do my best to document the effort.

She has a check up on Friday and then we’ll be able to update everyone on her weight and height although I suspect that she’s about 13-14 lbs and maybe…27 inches long (or 2 feet and 3 inches tall)? We just got a new growth chart with this month’s edition of Today’s Parent Magazine so I’ll measure her sometime this week just to see how my estimating is going. Ha It will also be her second round of immunizations. Yes, we decided to immunize based on several things. We have done our research and due to our lifestyle and health backgrounds feel that this is the best choice for Nova. So far so good so the plan is to continue on with the schedule recommended by the Canadian Pediatric Society, our doctor, and our own informed selves. We simply feel that there are more pros than cons to vaccinating, but (*disclaimer*) recognize that everyone makes the best, most informed choice for their children and that’s everyone’s right as a parent. As long as your exercising those rights, I say “Good on you!”.

And onto the photos!!!!


Oh yeah, did I mention she’s started teething? I’m fairly certain Nova and Bella are in an ongoing competition to see who can amass the most drool.

One Response to “Nova – 4 Months”

  1. Mandy October 19, 2011 at 8:41 am #

    Yay sewing!! Good luck!! I want to see your fabric!!
    I’m not sure about those sleep sack things.. they seem to be everywhere here, but they all look almost like snowsuits they’re so thick… With Andrew he just liked being swaddled in a receiving blanket, so we never thought to get one.

    OMG we are soo behind on Andrew’s vaccinations… he was supposed to get some before school started and he still hasn’t. (I should make an appt right now!) It’s a pain when the medical center is in a different town.

    And I LOVE the drooly pics.. you should try to get one of Bella too, that would make a cute Scrapbook page…♥

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