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18 Aug


Nova was sick on Wednesday night. I haven’t seen her throw up with a toddler’s digestive system so to say it hit me hard is a complete understatement. The fear and pain in her eyes while her little tummy contracted and her arms and legs shook was enough to tip me over the edge and I swallowed back tears while I rubbed her back and held her head up through the night.

She is feeling like her old, cheerful self again after a round of replenishing electrolytes, but this Mama is still a little shaken up by the imagery that keeps flitting through my sleep deprived, hormone infused brain. There are some things you just can’t prevent. But I hope that she will remember my touch and voice in moments like these and call out for me or her Dad, just like I still wish my Mom was around when I’m not feeling well.

This is part of the job. It goes hand in hand with discipline, hugs, and playtime at the park. I will be here for you when you are scared and sick and need me to be. I’m your Mama.