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Lux – 6 months

2 Jul


I’m coming to terms with the fact that I have a toddler, and a baby.

My baby is already half a year old.

In the circus that is our life, keeping all of our balls in the air while we juggle our many commitments means that Lux’s life is passing me by at light speed and, like with her big sis, I’m grateful for the moments when it’s just her and I and a little felt ribbon pinned to her chest.

I bought this outfit for Nova when she was a year old from Dandelion Kids on Commercial Drive. It was the tail end of summer and I thought, “It’s just so cute.” It never really fit her though. It was too small in the arms and too long. The diaper cover was saggy in weird places and although the print is adorable it just wasn’t right. So she tried it on and then it was packed away into a bin to be given away, or for our “maybe baby”.

Turns out, it was waiting for Lux to come along and fill it out. She wears it the way I imagined it being worn. Just past her delightful belly but not quite hitting her dimpled knees. Her ruffled butt wiggling around hilariously while I try my best to capture photo after photo of this hilarious moment in time.


She is generally a very good natured baby. She only cries because she wants one more, five more, ten more minutes of your time, but never just for no reason. She has one small tooth poking through the bottom of her gums but the only reason I know is because I’m looking for it. It takes her about 30 seconds longer to fall asleep.



She’s started realizing when the camera is out. I can’t distract her with silly faces or weird noises to make her give me a big, dopey grin.



Sometimes I can still trick her.

At her last check up the nurse informed us that Lux is the size of the average 1 year old. She’s 20lbs and 72cm long/tall. She is full on with the baby push-ups and dragging herself around. Sometimes she manages to lurch forward awkwardly, amazed by her own achievements and other times she just scoots backwards across the floor, getting herself into and out of the most impossible situations. I wish I had a fraction of her flexibility.


I love her baby toes and her awesome rolls. I love her easy going nature and her newfound interest in her surroundings. I love that she is more or less sleeping through the night. Ha. She laughs when we tickle her, and it’s exactly the sort of hilarious, chubby baby laugh you’d expect.

She’ll be crawling so soon, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was walking by her first birthday.

I’m so excited to see what she’ll do next.


Nova’s Baptism!!

12 May

Somehow in the hubbub of moving and unpacking and enjoying our new surroundings I totally missed posting about Miss Nova’s Baptism!!! 


The decision to baptise her was a bit of an agonizing one but eventually we decided that WAS the route we wanted to go. As usual, Nova’s talented Auntie Tamara was gracious enough to get some beautiful photos of the day and they are breath-taking. 


She was baptised at the church I’ve been attending since I was six years old and it was so great to see all of the people I love and who love me there in the pews supporting us and showering Nova will all of that love as well. It was a really, really wonderful experience and I was so proud to give my little lady a chance to share something with me that I’m quite proud of. Faith is a unique and deeply personal thing and not something I’m generally open to discussing since I feel like it’s a whole can of worms no one really wants to get too far into, but I do express my faith in my own way and I hope that Nova will feel comfortable as she grows up exploring hers with Cale and I, who will be open to all of her questions and queries. 


I was also really excited that my baptism dress fit her!!! 



We were and are so thankful to all of our family and friends who continue to support us and love our family in so many ways, even if we can’t always repay you with gifts or grand gestures we hope that you realize how appreciated and loved you are. 

Thanks for always being there for us. We really love you guys. ❤