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Mother’s Day

15 May

Mother’s Day 2013 was amazing.

At midnight Cale presented me with a beautiful, thoughtful card, a gift card hidden inside of it that I cannot wait to use. Then it was time for me to cozy into the covers and relax with Pinterest and Android games on my phone with Lux snuggled up next to me while he was off to make breakfast. When I finally dragged myself and our delightful baby out of bed we joined Nova on the couch for the tail end of Bubble Guppies and cute cuddles.

Playtime, playtime, playtime.


After naps, it was time to go to Miss Hanna P.’s 4th birthday party. My inner child had been excited for weeks. I was not at ALL disappointed. At most family gatherings and backyard barbecues, I am the weirdo hanging out with all the kids, listening to their crazy, made up stories, asking them questions about their days, playing with their toys, and hoping to form a very non-creepy but dancing along that line relationship with these little marvels. FINALLY…I was going to a child’s birthday party. (Something having children of my own has finally given me full license to do.)


Hanna is my friend Taryn‘s daughter. Taryn and I went to high school together. In fact, Taryn was my platonic prom date. I thought that I would have more fun with her than any of the super lame, gross boys we went to school with. I was 100% right. Taryn is the kind of friend that you desperately want to have. She’s kind, loving, soft-spoken, beautiful, and so open minded and accepting that it is difficult to do wrong by her. She will excuse even the most abhorrent of behavior and put an incredibly gentle twist on it, forgiving them with an understanding tilt of her head and some beautiful turn of phrase. Taryn makes me feel loved.

Although outwardly we seem so different, inwardly our lives have been running on a bizarre parallel and our paths seem to cross no matter what stage of life we’re in. Running into her in parks near where we grew up, finding her standing on my door step after I moved out, spending summers climbing trees and hanging out in kiddie pools, and then, the text, “Call me!!!”

I admit, I put off calling. I was about to get on the skytrain, it had been a long day, I was tired, I’m not good at talking on the phone on a good day. I called a few days later when I guiltily remembered that I hadn’t.

“I’m pregnant!!!”

There are no words to describe the absolute, unbridled JOY I felt for Taryn. I know how much love she has inside of her and I was sending up a silent ‘Thank you’ to whomever was listening that some lucky little baby was going to have her as a Mom. And from what she’d told me, Syx was going to be an incredible father. It’s tough to say if I’ve ever seen a couple more perfectly suited for one another than these two. They continuously amaze me and inspire me with their relationship and the relationship they have with their children.

I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful friend, and so privileged that it’s not one sided. She likes me too!!! I hope that I am able to be a part of her and her family’s lives for many, many wonderful years to come.

Hanna’s party was incredible. There was pin the cutie mark on the pony, a delightful array of food, delicious ice cream cake, and delectable babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers all over the place!!! I got to see the beautiful Phanie, who never ceases to amaze me with her honest, incredible blogging and parenting,  amazing, ring pop kisses on the cheek from Moses, played Peek-a-boo with Chloe, rubbed noses with Armenie, met Jackie’s beautiful, chubby little baby, who is just a week apart from Lux, and the birthday girl even wanted to sit with ME at the end of the day, which let’s face it, made my year. That’s a pretty special moment, yáll. It was a perfect afternoon.






Nova, in her princess party outfit, found a toy on wheels she liked and sticky fingered it into our car! (Not to worry, we were about to return it when it was graciously gifted to us. Ha!) Every time I see it I am reminded of what an awesome day we had.

And it only got better!

After the party we headed over to Cale’s Dad’s for tacos! I was honored when they asked ME to choose the menu! They were delicious, as usual, and I was absolutely touched and delighted by a giant bag full of goodies! Chocolates, tabloids and a pair of very sweet earrings that had been picked out for my graduation from Library Sciences. Since I’m not longer pursuing a literary avenue, I got them for mother’s day. Two adorable book earrings. I just love them and the thoughtful lady they came from.

Nova was being extra charming, playing with her toys, eating like a champ, and lying on the floor to watch The Fox and the Hound. She was so tired but really putting on a brave face for us. I just love her.

Then it was time to head home for a foot rub and some mindless tv for Mom. We just got into Suburgatory and I have to say, I’m loving it.



I’m sure that the gushy Mom posts are only going to get worse as we get closer to Nova’s second birthday, so you’ll have to forgive me for my emotions and bleeding heart when I say that I have been waiting my entire life to be a Mom, and I’m finding it to be the greatest experience of my life. Better than skydiving, or traveling, or the best book I’ve ever read. These beauties fill my heart and my life in a way I never even imagined was possible, and I thought it would be a lot. It’s not always easy, or fun, or even all that good. Sometimes I cry, and scream into a pillow, and curse my own body, and wonder what the hell I was thinking, and then I see their sweet faces and I can’t imagine not looking into their eyes every single day, or pressing my lips into their soft palms, or wiping away their crocodile tears.

They make it worth it, every time, and I’m so grateful and happy that I get to share this journey, and these emotions with other Mom’s and anyone who loves ANYONE or ANYTHING with their whole heart. It’s not easy to go outside of yourself and be thinking about the needs of another living thing to an infinite degree but these amazing men and women do it every single day, and they do it unquestioningly, because it’s unfathomable not to.

So here’s to all of you. Thank you for inspiring me and showing me how to be the best Mother I can be, and for supporting me on the days I feel like I can’t be.


Nova – 21 Months

19 Apr


Nova is continuously amazing and astounding us. Cale and I often stare at one another in complete bewilderment as she masters another skill, learns another word, climbs onto another previously insurmountable piece of furniture. The rate at which she is learning and growing and adapting is incredible to behold. I can’t believe she used to be so small and helpless and now she shakes her head at my offers of help and has an incredible determination to do things on her own that makes me proud and a little afraid at the same time.


I’m getting very excited planning her second birthday party, which she will no doubt ignore completely in favor of hitting the slide/swings/sand at the park. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Ha. We’re discovering more and more things that she enjoys that give us 10 or sometimes even 20 whole minutes to put her baby sister to bed, make lunch or just so that I can run a brush through my hair. (A process in and of itself, oye.)


Our house looks like children’s books, pop-up circus tents, tiny pink socks littering the floor, little finger prints smudging the hardwood, cupboards and mirrors, plastic figurines and electronic pianos.


Caught mid-sneeze. LOL!

It sounds like screams and laughter and the “thump-thump-thump” of little toddler feet running up and down and up and down and up and down. Head bonks and hugs. Kisses and a sweet little voice saying, “Ow.” “Cat, yeah, cat!” “Mom, yeah, Mom!” “Bubba Gup, yeah, Mom!”


When Nova was born I couldn’t believe that my heart could stretch as much as my swollen belly, fingers and feet already had, but I amazed myself when I discovered that I had stretch marks there as well as littering my body. I find that with each new thing she does or says it stretches even farther, and I imagine that it will only keep on growing as I find the room to include my amazement at her sister’s achievements as well.


I’m reading so many blogs written by so many Mom’s, each with their own take on motherhood and parenting. Each with a different philosophy in how to attack problems, distract toddlers, and make time to take care of themselves. I’m learning so much and feeling so connected in a way I never thought possible before. I’ve noticed, however, that the general consensus is that becoming a Mother changes you forever, inside and out, and you will never, ever be the same. I find that though I think fondly on the girl/woman I was before I had Nova I don’t miss her at all. I feel like my life has an incredible purpose completely outside of myself and it motivates me constantly to be a bigger, better, smarter, faster, more streamlined version of me. I’m grateful to my children every day for the opportunity to be MORE for their sake and for mine.

I live in a constant state of amusement and amazement. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Neglected Nova At 17 Months

22 Dec

My bad Mommy moment is that I put off taking Nova’s 16 month photo until it was too late and she had almost cleared 17 months already. Fortunately, I picked up my socks and she will hopefully only have one small blip in an otherwise pretty good track record. One missed photo in 24 months, given my propensity for quitting and procrastinating, is pretty good. 😉

In spite of her Mom being more distracted than usual, Nova is nothing short of her sweet, charming self. At 17 months her tantrums are becoming more focused and less intense. Her communication skills improve on a daily basis and her sign language has come leaps and bounds in the last two months, luckily for us. She is showing a LOT of interest in the bathroom/toilet so Adventures in Potty Training might begin sooner rather than later.

She’s very active and loves to climb but hasn’t really shown an interest in climbing out of her crib so although we were toying with the idea of transitioning to a “big girl bed” we’ll hold off for as long as she is content to be confined to a small square footage in the mornings/evenings.

Her bedtime routine is basically the best part of my day.

Nova isn’t much of a cuddler. She’ll drive by for a quick kiss or hug but mostly interrupting her playtime for affection is met with a swift backhand and some sort of grunt or scream to convey her utmost displeasure at your presumption that she might love physical contact with you more than stacking her blocks or playing with her new Superfriends (shout out to Auntie Janet and Uncle Ross). BUT…at bed time all bets are off.

We let her run and splash and have a ball in the bath, then she sits quietly reading a book or snuggling a stuffed animal while we brush her hair and teeth, then it’s time to hang out in the rocking chair with a blanket and another book. Typically this time can last anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes, depending on how hard up for a serious cuddle I am, but it’s always immensely enjoyable. It’s also very sweet to see how much she responds to the routine. We go into her room and she points at the Twilight Turtle so that we are sure to turn it on, then it’s time to point at the white noise machine because it wouldn’t be bedtime without the sound of crickets next to a babbling brook.

Gosh I love her.

How is she adjusting? VERY well. This kid was made to be a big sister the way that I feel made to be a Mom. She brings us diapers and throws the old ones away, she helps wipe Lux’s face when she has milky dribbles, she gives her sister a hug and kiss good morning and good night every single day, she asks to come up on the couch or bed and then sits sweetly next to our new babe just looking at her and gently touching her face or hands, occasionally she’ll position Baby Lux’s hands so that they are receptive to high fives. It is pretty amazing to watch. I can’t wait until they are old enough to run and play together. So far so good. 🙂

I was nervous about spending less time with Nova or being too busy to recognize all the ways she is still growing and changing right before our very eyes but I’m extremely pleased to find that so far it’s been relatively easy. Lux, like her big sister before her, is a dynamo sleeper so our days are still reserved largely for playing with Nova and our nights are dedicated to rocking, shushing, and placating Lux. I know this won’t always be the case, and despite my extreme exhaustion, it’s working so far and I can’t complain about THAT particular arrangement.

Next foreseeable challenge…managing a 2 year old and a 6 month old who is desperate to become mobile.


Nova’s 1st Thanksgiving

12 Oct

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!!

Nova’s first Thanksgiving was an amazing success! We hosted this year and it was a lot of fun paired with a lot of delicious food and, naturally, the company of friends and family.

The process.

Our Thanksgiving tablecloth.

The gang.

She can’t eat yet, but she sure went to town on her teething ring and there was definitely a lot of thankfulness going on in our house.

What were you thankful for this year?