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Nova – 21 Months

19 Apr


Nova is continuously amazing and astounding us. Cale and I often stare at one another in complete bewilderment as she masters another skill, learns another word, climbs onto another previously insurmountable piece of furniture. The rate at which she is learning and growing and adapting is incredible to behold. I can’t believe she used to be so small and helpless and now she shakes her head at my offers of help and has an incredible determination to do things on her own that makes me proud and a little afraid at the same time.


I’m getting very excited planning her second birthday party, which she will no doubt ignore completely in favor of hitting the slide/swings/sand at the park. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Ha. We’re discovering more and more things that she enjoys that give us 10 or sometimes even 20 whole minutes to put her baby sister to bed, make lunch or just so that I can run a brush through my hair. (A process in and of itself, oye.)


Our house looks like children’s books, pop-up circus tents, tiny pink socks littering the floor, little finger prints smudging the hardwood, cupboards and mirrors, plastic figurines and electronic pianos.


Caught mid-sneeze. LOL!

It sounds like screams and laughter and the “thump-thump-thump” of little toddler feet running up and down and up and down and up and down. Head bonks and hugs. Kisses and a sweet little voice saying, “Ow.” “Cat, yeah, cat!” “Mom, yeah, Mom!” “Bubba Gup, yeah, Mom!”


When Nova was born I couldn’t believe that my heart could stretch as much as my swollen belly, fingers and feet already had, but I amazed myself when I discovered that I had stretch marks there as well as littering my body. I find that with each new thing she does or says it stretches even farther, and I imagine that it will only keep on growing as I find the room to include my amazement at her sister’s achievements as well.


I’m reading so many blogs written by so many Mom’s, each with their own take on motherhood and parenting. Each with a different philosophy in how to attack problems, distract toddlers, and make time to take care of themselves. I’m learning so much and feeling so connected in a way I never thought possible before. I’ve noticed, however, that the general consensus is that becoming a Mother changes you forever, inside and out, and you will never, ever be the same. I find that though I think fondly on the girl/woman I was before I had Nova I don’t miss her at all. I feel like my life has an incredible purpose completely outside of myself and it motivates me constantly to be a bigger, better, smarter, faster, more streamlined version of me. I’m grateful to my children every day for the opportunity to be MORE for their sake and for mine.

I live in a constant state of amusement and amazement. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


CoSleeping Update!

15 Sep

A while back I posted about Nova sleeping in her own crib, still in our room. I’m proud to report that those first few days went very well. The first night she woke up quite a few times, a little confused about where she was and what was going on, but now she’s sleeping almost 10 hours a night!

The next step is, of course, to move her into her own bedroom. Once again, the problem is me. I’m such a big baby. (More so than my ACTUAL baby.) I love the idea of keeping her close and being able to cuddle her at my leisure but if I think about it realistically, here are the facts.

  1. I don’t actually cuddle her in the middle of the night. I let her sleep, like any sane parent would.
  2. She doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night, and hasn’t since she was about 8 weeks old. I have an unfounded fear that she will “need me” but truthfully…she doesn’t.
  3. It is inconvenient for Cale and I to have her in our room. Let’s face it. Cribs aren’t exactly teeny tiny. It takes up a lot of space, we have to maneuver around it, and I haven’t been able to really use my bedside table in 3 months.
  4. We wake each other up all night long…still. I’m sure our tossing and turning is keeping her from getting the best sleep she could, and I know that every time she grunts or gurgles I fight the urge to snatch her up, potentially waking her permanently and having to undergo the bed time process all over again.

The only real con is that right now I’m still nursing her to sleep, so it is VERY convenient for me to nurse her, and then just sort of roll her into her crib undisturbed. However, this problem is solved EASILY by simply nursing her in her bedroom sitting up, rather than laying down. She falls asleep either way. SO…now I simply face the problem of coming to terms with the idea that she doesn’t need me as much as I might think, she’s an independent little lady, we might potentially ALL sleep better, and we won’t have to deal with any attachment issues on her end since she seems to be alright no matter what we do at this point.

I’m guessing that within a month or so we will likely be moving her into her own bedroom. And I will likely cry myself to sleep at least once during this process.

From sleeping inside me...

...to bed sharing.

Sleeping in her playpen...

And finally in her crib.

2 months old! August 17th.

15 Sep

On August 17th Nova hit the big…2. Ha. Naturally…we had a photo shoot with updated number buttons created by the lovely Yvonne.

And for fun, I found the blog of a lovely lady with two children who did her own monthly shoots and has some helpful hints for all of us. I can definitely take a thing or two away from her even though we’re coming up on 3 months.

Making it Lovely

2 months.

3 months.

The Making it Lovely blog also has a link to a page on how to make felt ribbons. Although I still need to upgrade from tape to safety pins. Ha. In some ways, I’m a very lazy mommy. C’est la vie.