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Nova – 21 Months

19 Apr


Nova is continuously amazing and astounding us. Cale and I often stare at one another in complete bewilderment as she masters another skill, learns another word, climbs onto another previously insurmountable piece of furniture. The rate at which she is learning and growing and adapting is incredible to behold. I can’t believe she used to be so small and helpless and now she shakes her head at my offers of help and has an incredible determination to do things on her own that makes me proud and a little afraid at the same time.


I’m getting very excited planning her second birthday party, which she will no doubt ignore completely in favor of hitting the slide/swings/sand at the park. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Ha. We’re discovering more and more things that she enjoys that give us 10 or sometimes even 20 whole minutes to put her baby sister to bed, make lunch or just so that I can run a brush through my hair. (A process in and of itself, oye.)


Our house looks like children’s books, pop-up circus tents, tiny pink socks littering the floor, little finger prints smudging the hardwood, cupboards and mirrors, plastic figurines and electronic pianos.


Caught mid-sneeze. LOL!

It sounds like screams and laughter and the “thump-thump-thump” of little toddler feet running up and down and up and down and up and down. Head bonks and hugs. Kisses and a sweet little voice saying, “Ow.” “Cat, yeah, cat!” “Mom, yeah, Mom!” “Bubba Gup, yeah, Mom!”


When Nova was born I couldn’t believe that my heart could stretch as much as my swollen belly, fingers and feet already had, but I amazed myself when I discovered that I had stretch marks there as well as littering my body. I find that with each new thing she does or says it stretches even farther, and I imagine that it will only keep on growing as I find the room to include my amazement at her sister’s achievements as well.


I’m reading so many blogs written by so many Mom’s, each with their own take on motherhood and parenting. Each with a different philosophy in how to attack problems, distract toddlers, and make time to take care of themselves. I’m learning so much and feeling so connected in a way I never thought possible before. I’ve noticed, however, that the general consensus is that becoming a Mother changes you forever, inside and out, and you will never, ever be the same. I find that though I think fondly on the girl/woman I was before I had Nova I don’t miss her at all. I feel like my life has an incredible purpose completely outside of myself and it motivates me constantly to be a bigger, better, smarter, faster, more streamlined version of me. I’m grateful to my children every day for the opportunity to be MORE for their sake and for mine.

I live in a constant state of amusement and amazement. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Pretty in Pink

15 Apr

One of the advantages to being almost related to an amazing professional photographer (Tamara Lakeman Photography) is that sometimes she leaves her props at our house, and sometimes she sends me a text saying, “Feel free to use anything there in some photos with Lux!”

So that’s exactly what I did!

With a little help from my husband, every lamp we own, and a chubby baby we achieved some cute results! Nothing special, but definitely a couple of goodies for the ol’ scrapbook.

Thanks Auntie T!!!


Being so patient while I get everything set up.







I mean seriously…


Lux Faces Collage

This is how she says, “I love you Auntie!”

Her expressions kill me…for reals.


12 Aug

This pregnancy is simultaneously flying by and dragging on. The first 20 weeks seemed to vanish in the blink of an eye, and these remaining 20 are slogging through deep quicksand. 

Nevertheless, there are some exciting things going on.

I’m actually sitting at the 23 week point, and my turn-over day is Tuesday at which time I will be 24 weeks and will only have 16 left to go before we get to meet our sweet babe.


Our second, and probably final, ultrasound with Baby 2.

The biggest news for this time frame is that after some serious dilly-dallying and policy changing and guessing we FINALLY found out the gender and Nova is getting herself a sweet, little baby sister!! 

That’s right folks:



We had a tough time picking out names but have finally settled, and no, we aren’t telling. We can’t let you greedy scoundrels have everything now can we. Heh. There will be a grand announcement upon the event of her birth and by then you will be so enamoured with her sweet baby face that her name will be of little consequence. Mostly I just don’t want anyone to try to talk us out of it. 

The Ups

Mags is kicking up a serious storm these days. I can feel her, Cale can feel her, she keeps me awake at night with her shenanigans. It’s all very exciting and only a little uncomfortable. Ha. She’s sitting very low on my pelvis which is a pretty new feeling for me (compared to last time) but I’m enjoying it. This is definitely one of the highlights of pregnancy. These first little interactions. Based on all of her movement (and the fact that we have caught Olympic fever) I am surmising that she will stick true to her Sagittarian roots and be an excellent sprinter such as the likes of Usain Bolt. Hey…a Mama can dream. 

The Downs

Whoa, the downs. The only major bummer I’m experiencing right now (aside from the usual fatigue and nausea) is that my SPD is seriously flaring, and I can feel it in my poor bones after a not-so-long shift at work. I posted a link about SPD a while back if you’re interested in checking it out, or feel free to use your google-fu skills. Basically, after being on my feet for a while, it starts to feel like my hip and leg joints are compressing and rubbing together until they are so sore and stiff that the smallest movement has me wincing in pain and I regularly try to immerse myself in Epsom salt baths. I’m on the hunt for a good physiotherapist and just have to find the time to go after that. This is definitely one time that toddler’s pose a problem. I have all day, but what to do with her while I’m in my hour long appointment? Really, that’s the least of my worries. I’m more interested in, “What am I going to do when I reach the point at which I’m not longer easily mobile and have a toddler?” My greatest fear is that Nova will suffer for my body’s weaknesses and that’s not very cool with me.


Cale, being the wonderful, supportive husband he is, is encouraging me through all of this to ease up on the shifts at work and also to take it easy at home. Our labor division is becoming more and more lopsided though I assure him that post-baby they will balance out. True to his easy going nature he is not at all put off by any of this and takes it all in stride. Every once in a while he even breaks out into song,

Everything’s gonna be alright. Everything’s gonna be alright now, so woman no cry.” 

Between the tears of pain and frustration it is incredibly helpful to have a partner so obliging, supportive and loving. I know he would do it if he could, and I’d be jealous that I was missing out. Ha. 

My newborn fever has flared up with a vengeance and I cannot wait to see this babe’s face and snuggle her soft little body. The countdown is seriously on. 


New Baby





23 Weeks with Miss Nova