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Lux – 6 months

2 Jul


I’m coming to terms with the fact that I have a toddler, and a baby.

My baby is already half a year old.

In the circus that is our life, keeping all of our balls in the air while we juggle our many commitments means that Lux’s life is passing me by at light speed and, like with her big sis, I’m grateful for the moments when it’s just her and I and a little felt ribbon pinned to her chest.

I bought this outfit for Nova when she was a year old from Dandelion Kids on Commercial Drive. It was the tail end of summer and I thought, “It’s just so cute.” It never really fit her though. It was too small in the arms and too long. The diaper cover was saggy in weird places and although the print is adorable it just wasn’t right. So she tried it on and then it was packed away into a bin to be given away, or for our “maybe baby”.

Turns out, it was waiting for Lux to come along and fill it out. She wears it the way I imagined it being worn. Just past her delightful belly but not quite hitting her dimpled knees. Her ruffled butt wiggling around hilariously while I try my best to capture photo after photo of this hilarious moment in time.


She is generally a very good natured baby. She only cries because she wants one more, five more, ten more minutes of your time, but never just for no reason. She has one small tooth poking through the bottom of her gums but the only reason I know is because I’m looking for it. It takes her about 30 seconds longer to fall asleep.



She’s started realizing when the camera is out. I can’t distract her with silly faces or weird noises to make her give me a big, dopey grin.



Sometimes I can still trick her.

At her last check up the nurse informed us that Lux is the size of the average 1 year old. She’s 20lbs and 72cm long/tall. She is full on with the baby push-ups and dragging herself around. Sometimes she manages to lurch forward awkwardly, amazed by her own achievements and other times she just scoots backwards across the floor, getting herself into and out of the most impossible situations. I wish I had a fraction of her flexibility.


I love her baby toes and her awesome rolls. I love her easy going nature and her newfound interest in her surroundings. I love that she is more or less sleeping through the night. Ha. She laughs when we tickle her, and it’s exactly the sort of hilarious, chubby baby laugh you’d expect.

She’ll be crawling so soon, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was walking by her first birthday.

I’m so excited to see what she’ll do next.


Lux – 4 Months

21 Apr


Aside from the lack of sleep, it’s pretty great having a baby in the house. What better reminder to slow down and just enjoy whatever moment you happen to be in? Lying on the floor smiling into her adorable little face is one of the highlights of my day. Her chubby cheeks and dimpled elbows make me want to lie in bed squishing her soft little body for hours…not that she’d let me.


Lux is a little power house! She’s rolling both ways and grasping at her feet as if to say, “Hey! I see you there!” She’s a tough cookie to crack when it comes to laughter but she gives out smiles like free candy at an Easter Parade! She doesn’t take her eyes off of big sis for even a second when they’re in the same room together and visions of her trailing after Nova, wanting desperately to be included in her amazing, inspiring view of the world remind me of my OWN younger sister trailing after ME. I hope that Nova will let her in and that they will be able to share in many amazing experiences together. I know that I’m glad my parents regularly forced me to bring Chantelle along, even if it was sometimes against my own wishes. I’m grateful that now she and I are wonderful friends. And my heart swells a little every time I see her name on our call display.


Lux has such a vast array of expressions! I fear that like her Sagittarius Mama, her emotions will always be evident on the surface of her face. Raised eyebrows, pursed lips, the corners of our eyes crinkling when we find something particularly amusing. I hope she has a deep belly laugh that bursts out of her often. I think she will be funny.


While she continues to grow in great leaps and bounds and the number on the scale increases we’re helping her sit up, hang on to her favorite toys, and indulging her when she tires of sitting in the multitude of children’s seats available in our tiny home. I won’t lie. I’m happy to hold her close any chance I can, and I’m happy that she would gladly sit with her back against my chest for hours if I didn’t have other things to do.

baby siblings

Fantasies of my two girls playing together, fighting with each other, and learning together are never far from my thoughts and I cannot wait to see what sort of relationship develops between them. I have such a different relationship with both of my siblings but each is full of love and laughter and the occasional misunderstanding. I’m so glad that I have two people I can share my upbringing with! We can laugh about our parents idiosyncrasies and come together in moments of hardship. I love the ways in which we are similar and that in spite of growing up in the same house we are still very different people.


Copyright Tamara Lakeman Photography.

I hope that my kids will be glad that they have siblings, because quite frankly, they’re stuck with each other now!