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10 Feb

We’ve been REALLY into meal planning and (relatively) healthy eating lately. It is going AWESOME! We’ve explored just about every type of food dish there is! A typical week for us involves AT LEAST two vegetarian meals, two chicken meals, another alternate meat choice, and a “left-overs” day. I’ve been having a lot of fun making our weekly lists, and Cale is having fun cooking them! Ha. Nova is benefiting the most, of course, and hopefully she’ll end up with a well-rounded palate as opposed to the dangerous Nugget and Hot Dogs trap!


Every day starts with coffee…

coffee and parfait

…and sometimes a parfait!





Breakfast granola.





Cheeseburger Pie

Cheeseburger pie. Better for you than it sounds!


Homemade spaghetti with sauce. Nom.

The benefits, of course, are immediately apparent. We’re waking up earlier, Nova’s meals are ready BEFORE she starts complaining about being hungry, our lives are marginally more organized, and we get to have a lot of fun trying new things! The weekly grocery shop is also turning into a regular, fun family outing! Our area is AMAZING in that it hosts a LOT of awesome, small, family run markets and it is so awesome wandering through them choosing our fruit for the week. I always knew there were a lot of apple varieties out there, but now I KNOW!!! Y’know?




Someday we’ll be able to plant a little garden in our back yard, but until then, I hope that I can teach my girls that there is a lot of value in being selective when it comes to what you put into your body and that it can be FUN learning about all the different ways food can affect us, from our moods to our body shapes! I was VERY pleased to see Nova choose grapes over chocolate after dinner the other day. I’m constantly amazed by HER relationship with food so it only makes sense to think a little more about MY relationship with food! It’s awesome to have Cale get into it as well! He advised me the other day to “only shop around the perimeter of the store”, since that’s the best way to avoid packaged, processed foods.

I love learning about food with my family and cooking up a storm! This week: Vegetarian Nachos, Curried Chicken with Pears (in the slow cooker), Breakfast Parfaits, Roasted Veggies and Cous-cous, Chicken Fried Rice, and a delightful Tuna and Tomato Stoup (Stew/Soup). SO DELICIOUS!




8 Months – Octavo Mensis

17 Feb

Sorry for dropping off the face of the planet there!

It’s been an entire month since I last updated and what a month it has been. This week Nova (and the rest of us) will be moving to our new home. I thought that moving with a baby would be challenging but as it turns out, it’s not really so bad. Her things don’t take up a lot of room and she’s pretty content to let us sit her down in all sorts of hilarious objects (boxes, empty refrigerators etc.),  with various things to play with (newspaper, plastic dishes, random things from my own lost childhood). There are going to be a lot of fun things for us to do in our new neighborhood like Baby and Me swimming lessons, dance lessons, yoga, and lots of parks for us to play in. February is coming to a close and this will be a wonderful place for Nova to have her first birthday and get her waddle, I mean, walk…on.

Is she walking yet? NOPE! But she is determined to move one way or another. To our amusement and her increasing frustration she is able to push off of her hands and move backwards away from the object of her desire. In a very funny and interesting turn of events, she has learned that she can turn herself in a 180 and THEN push backwards to get to where she wants to go. Smart kid right?

She’s also teaching us that she doesn’t particularly care what stuffed animal or toy she plays with so long as it makes noise, she can put it in her mouth, it doesn’t hurt if it accidentally falls on her, and provided that she is in a “playing” sort of mood. If not, beware! In a foul mood, this child will push, kick, roll, flail, and generally make a fool of herself until she is a) fed or b)put to sleep where she will indignantly roll over, shove her thumb angrily into her mouth, and stare bloody murder at us until we vacate the premises and let her sleep. “How dare you delay my nap you devil woman?!”

Yes…we have a feisty child.

She is not talking, walking, showing teeth, or pulling up on anything yet but stay tuned for those milestones, I feel that they are only a hop, skip and jump ahead.







“It’s so nice to have a cuddle with a person that you love
Feels so good to have a snuggle with a person that you love
When I’m happy or in trouble I run fast right on the double
Just to sit and have a cuddle with a person that I love”

What we’re up to in January!

4 Jan

Christmas 2011 was amazing for the Boden family. We spent it with friends and family and Santa was very good to Nova for her first Christmas.

She did really well! She even grasped the concept of ripping the paper off of the gifts. We all thought she would be mostly interested in the wrapping or the boxes but she went right for the toys inside. Haha. She’s figured this Christmas thing out folks.

She got a little overwhelmed Christmas morning so we put her down for a nap after she opened a couple of gifts and then had “Adult” Christmas. Once she woke up she opened a few more and much later opened the rest. In the end, everything was opened and she has a full toybox to show for it, along with some practicals and some “save for later” items that I’m very excited about.

New Years came and went and there are a few things in the works in our house for 2012!

1. We are getting better and better at experimenting with different solid foods and textures! So far her favorites are peas, sweet potatoes and home-made oatmeal. She very strongly dislikes eggplant and isn’t very keen on carrots although she’ll eat about half of what she should. Ha. We’re doing our best to stay on top of making all of her food ourselves and it’s been really fun, challenging, and also extremely rewarding! The learning process is a highlight for me since I get very excited at the prospect of researching anything and it’s awesome seeing what she takes to and what she doesn’t. If you have any home-made food tips or questions I’d love to swap!

2. We are, as usual, gearing up for another big move in March although (and I say this every time) this will hopefully be the last one for quite some time. Things that are different this time around? We will be closer to Cale’s work (and possibly mine if I get a position I’ve been eyeballing for the past couple of months), no room-mates (which is a bit bittersweet), and we’re hoping to move into the East Vancouver area where 80% of the people I know in the lower mainland live! While I will miss the people we live close to now we know this is a much better idea (and money saver) for us.

3. We have a few resolutions we are working on! Things like, more time for Mom and Dad, less lazy time in front of the television (after baby is asleep), a more organized household, more home cooked meals, and Mom is making a private resolution to change her clothing habits. It’s time to invest in clothing that fits well but isn’t exercise pants and tank tops. I feel like this can only be a self esteem booster.Hopefully with the help of things like Cozi, Flylady, and Apps for Moms getting organized and simplifying our life will be easier than ever in 2012.

4. Shameless plug: Cale and his bro (Uncle Jerred) have their own contracting company under works. If you need any renovations or work done please give these guys a go! They’re very talente handy-men and between the two of them can do everything but electrical and plumbing. Check them out.

2B Constructed

There are also a few things on the go as far as making Nova’s baby food is going. Since all the food we use is organic and locally grown I felt like it would be a good idea to share all of the knowledge I’m accumulating in one easy to access place so check out my food blog. It’s under construction at the moment but will be up and running in no time.

12 Mile Organics

5. Nova’s baptism is this weekend! I was baptized and raised Lutheran and we live very close to my home church so after a lot of discussion we decided that we wanted to go ahead and have Nova baptized as well. We chose her Auntie Chantelle and Uncle Jerred as the godparents and know that they will do a great job mentoring her and loving her as she grows up.

6. You’ll be able to watch the goings on in our lives soon enough once we figure out our brand spanking new Canon Vixia camcorder!!!

After much deliberation we choose this camera, which was a very generous gift from my Dad, to record all of our family’s milestones. Let’s face it, it will be a lot of video of Nova. Nova laughing, crawling, walking, talking, and just generally being a little cutie. I’m very excited to start using it! I’m ALSO very excited about the HD and dual SD card capabilities! Whoo hoo!

We are so grateful to everyone who has been supportive of our family and continues to love us over the years. It’s so difficult to SHOW such immense appreciation for all of you but hopefully my constant bringing it up will be a good start. Thanks for an amazing 2011!!!

Photo by Tamara Lakeman Photography