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23 Dec

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14 Dec

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Baby Hannah’s Shower

6 Jul

Hannah Marie was born on June 14, 2013, at 1:27am, weighing 7lbs 8oz.


I’ve known her Dad since we were young enough to forget that we even had memories. I grew up with their family. We went on camping trips together, had holidays together, celebrated milestones together. They come to just about every party we’ve ever thrown. Their Mom used to babysit my siblings and I and now  her youngest daughter  is our go-to babysitter. With my family so far away in Saskatchewan it’s always been nice to have this family of friends to surround ourselves with.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I was able to meet Hannah for the first time last weekend on Canada Day. She’s much smaller than Lux ever was and I couldn’t help but remember my petite Nova, whose infant days are already a distant memory. She smells incredible and her parents are naturally falling into parenthood as if they were made for it.



It’s a strange thing though. To see someone younger than me, that I’ve known for so long,  start to hit the point in life that leads to babies, house ownership, weddings and other grown-up, permanent decisions.  I imagine it will be even stranger when it’s my own siblings. I have them permanently etched in my brain at 10 years old begging to hang out with my friends and I, being incredibly irritating but also incredibly awesome. I can’t imagine what I’ll do when one of them has children. Cry…most likely.

But this isn’t about them! This is about sweet baby Hannah (the second we know, now, plus an “H”) and her delightful baby shower at her Mom and Dad’s newly renovated home! (Which looks freaking amazing!)


I have been excited about this baby shower since I found out her Mama Jen was expecting but, surprisingly, didn’t buy out all of the children’s retailers in the lower mainland. I have such restraint.



Congratulations Anthony and Jen on the birth of your amazing, incredible, BEAUTIFUL baby girl. I hope that there are many more camping trips and holidays in our future with our gang of ladies leaving a trail of mayhem in their wake.





Mother’s Day

15 May

Mother’s Day 2013 was amazing.

At midnight Cale presented me with a beautiful, thoughtful card, a gift card hidden inside of it that I cannot wait to use. Then it was time for me to cozy into the covers and relax with Pinterest and Android games on my phone with Lux snuggled up next to me while he was off to make breakfast. When I finally dragged myself and our delightful baby out of bed we joined Nova on the couch for the tail end of Bubble Guppies and cute cuddles.

Playtime, playtime, playtime.


After naps, it was time to go to Miss Hanna P.’s 4th birthday party. My inner child had been excited for weeks. I was not at ALL disappointed. At most family gatherings and backyard barbecues, I am the weirdo hanging out with all the kids, listening to their crazy, made up stories, asking them questions about their days, playing with their toys, and hoping to form a very non-creepy but dancing along that line relationship with these little marvels. FINALLY…I was going to a child’s birthday party. (Something having children of my own has finally given me full license to do.)


Hanna is my friend Taryn‘s daughter. Taryn and I went to high school together. In fact, Taryn was my platonic prom date. I thought that I would have more fun with her than any of the super lame, gross boys we went to school with. I was 100% right. Taryn is the kind of friend that you desperately want to have. She’s kind, loving, soft-spoken, beautiful, and so open minded and accepting that it is difficult to do wrong by her. She will excuse even the most abhorrent of behavior and put an incredibly gentle twist on it, forgiving them with an understanding tilt of her head and some beautiful turn of phrase. Taryn makes me feel loved.

Although outwardly we seem so different, inwardly our lives have been running on a bizarre parallel and our paths seem to cross no matter what stage of life we’re in. Running into her in parks near where we grew up, finding her standing on my door step after I moved out, spending summers climbing trees and hanging out in kiddie pools, and then, the text, “Call me!!!”

I admit, I put off calling. I was about to get on the skytrain, it had been a long day, I was tired, I’m not good at talking on the phone on a good day. I called a few days later when I guiltily remembered that I hadn’t.

“I’m pregnant!!!”

There are no words to describe the absolute, unbridled JOY I felt for Taryn. I know how much love she has inside of her and I was sending up a silent ‘Thank you’ to whomever was listening that some lucky little baby was going to have her as a Mom. And from what she’d told me, Syx was going to be an incredible father. It’s tough to say if I’ve ever seen a couple more perfectly suited for one another than these two. They continuously amaze me and inspire me with their relationship and the relationship they have with their children.

I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful friend, and so privileged that it’s not one sided. She likes me too!!! I hope that I am able to be a part of her and her family’s lives for many, many wonderful years to come.

Hanna’s party was incredible. There was pin the cutie mark on the pony, a delightful array of food, delicious ice cream cake, and delectable babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers all over the place!!! I got to see the beautiful Phanie, who never ceases to amaze me with her honest, incredible blogging and parenting,  amazing, ring pop kisses on the cheek from Moses, played Peek-a-boo with Chloe, rubbed noses with Armenie, met Jackie’s beautiful, chubby little baby, who is just a week apart from Lux, and the birthday girl even wanted to sit with ME at the end of the day, which let’s face it, made my year. That’s a pretty special moment, yáll. It was a perfect afternoon.






Nova, in her princess party outfit, found a toy on wheels she liked and sticky fingered it into our car! (Not to worry, we were about to return it when it was graciously gifted to us. Ha!) Every time I see it I am reminded of what an awesome day we had.

And it only got better!

After the party we headed over to Cale’s Dad’s for tacos! I was honored when they asked ME to choose the menu! They were delicious, as usual, and I was absolutely touched and delighted by a giant bag full of goodies! Chocolates, tabloids and a pair of very sweet earrings that had been picked out for my graduation from Library Sciences. Since I’m not longer pursuing a literary avenue, I got them for mother’s day. Two adorable book earrings. I just love them and the thoughtful lady they came from.

Nova was being extra charming, playing with her toys, eating like a champ, and lying on the floor to watch The Fox and the Hound. She was so tired but really putting on a brave face for us. I just love her.

Then it was time to head home for a foot rub and some mindless tv for Mom. We just got into Suburgatory and I have to say, I’m loving it.



I’m sure that the gushy Mom posts are only going to get worse as we get closer to Nova’s second birthday, so you’ll have to forgive me for my emotions and bleeding heart when I say that I have been waiting my entire life to be a Mom, and I’m finding it to be the greatest experience of my life. Better than skydiving, or traveling, or the best book I’ve ever read. These beauties fill my heart and my life in a way I never even imagined was possible, and I thought it would be a lot. It’s not always easy, or fun, or even all that good. Sometimes I cry, and scream into a pillow, and curse my own body, and wonder what the hell I was thinking, and then I see their sweet faces and I can’t imagine not looking into their eyes every single day, or pressing my lips into their soft palms, or wiping away their crocodile tears.

They make it worth it, every time, and I’m so grateful and happy that I get to share this journey, and these emotions with other Mom’s and anyone who loves ANYONE or ANYTHING with their whole heart. It’s not easy to go outside of yourself and be thinking about the needs of another living thing to an infinite degree but these amazing men and women do it every single day, and they do it unquestioningly, because it’s unfathomable not to.

So here’s to all of you. Thank you for inspiring me and showing me how to be the best Mother I can be, and for supporting me on the days I feel like I can’t be.


Making Friends

26 Feb

One of the best things about having a new baby is that EVERYONE comes to visit! I LOVED introducing our friends and family to Nova once she made her grand appearance and I am JUST as excited to do the same for Lux. I love every comment about how “big” she is, I like watching people look from Cale to me and back again trying to figure out which one of us she looks like (for the record…it’s neither! Lol.), I especially love passing her off and seeing the look of love wash over the faces of the people I love! We are so lucky to have such amazing, loving, wonderful people in our lives, and Lux and Nova are so lucky to have such a wonderful extended network of friends and family to teach them, guide them, and more than likely get them into some trouble as they grow up.

Dan and Lux

I’ve known Dan for…well…a very long time. I love having friends from all different walks of life and in all stages of their lives! We went from dirty, uncaring teenagers to grown-ass adults with careers and relationships and homes and children. I love each and every relationship that has grown along with me over the years and I’m always so pleased when I think about the friendship Dan and I share. We easily could have drifted apart over the years but a little cultivation on our parts have kept our friendship strong and firmly rooted in mutual respect and admiration. I’m also happy to report that he didn’t even make a face when I passed Lux his way. Another sign of growing up I suppose. Heh.


One of the awesome things about everyone coming to hang out with us and the girls is that I get to see how THEY are changing as well! I’ve known Tylynn for the ENTIRETY of her young life and even though I’m not THAT much older than she is, it’s been such a pleasure being a part of her life and watching her grow into the intelligent, conscientious, caring young woman that she is today. I cannot believe that the two photos below are only a year and a half apart. (The left is with Nova and the right is with Lux.) She graduated from High School just this past year and I’m not ashamed to admit that visions of my own daughters’ high school graduations flitted across my brain and brought tears to my eyes, as she is the “baby” of her family. I’m so proud of Tylynn and so thankful for her and her wonderful family. Hopefully she can take a picture of me holding HER babies someday.

tylynn and the girls

Turning 1

18 Aug

Nova’s birthday was a lot of fun. We had an amazing caterpillar cake made by our resident baker Tylynn. There were gifts, and family, and friends, and just general good times. It was really spectacular. We are so grateful to our friends for coming out and wishing our not-so-little darling a happy 1st birthday, and to our family for lending us their time and in this case, their home. Having an outdoor space to enjoy the day in meant a lot to us and we are always thankful. 

Here are just a few of our favourite moments of the day, taken by the lovely Stamata. 










Happy Birthday to my always baby, Nova.