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23 Dec

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3 Nov

Our Halloween this year was both excellent and a bit anti-climatic.

We weren’t sure if Nova would have an understanding of what was happening just yet, seeing as how she is only 16 months old (which is not quite, as my pregnant brain convinced itself, a year and a half). Sure enough, she had no interest in ACTUALLY trick or treating and just wanted to run around and people watch. She was still pretty entertaining. On the weekend we went to a children’s Halloween Party hosted by a friend and it was really fun watching her interact with all of the other costumed cuties, although it usually takes her a while to warm up. She was especially enamored with R2D2 but he was a bit of a flirt so I cautioned her to take it slow. 😉

Credit for this photo is not at all mine.

This year we dressed her up as a Fairy (Dad’s choice) and she was pretty spectacularly cute, but then, aren’t they all?

On actual Halloween, which fell on a Wednesday, the weather was pretty despicable so we decided to go to the mall nearby since we didn’t think she’d have much of a shelf life anyway, and if we’re just going to be watching her have fun we might as well be dry. Her Auntie Janet came along which was super fun and we hit up all of the stores that were handing out candy, which was a VERY disappointingly small number! My own workplace in the very same mall didn’t even have some goodies to give out! For shame. Still…she went away with enough for a person of her size to last her probably until Christmas, which is about 5-10 various types of treats. Ha. I think Dad was the most disappointed as he’d hoped to cash in on her chocolate haul. Ha. Fortunately, the day before a package arrived for us from my sister and there were a few goodies in there JUST for us. It’s probably for the best that we didn’t end up with a thousand chocolate bars because I’d be hiding them from my sweet toothed husband until the end of time. There’s a reason he never has cavities, and it’s name is “Hiding Spots”.

There were too few stores displaying this sign!

Nova’s first time on the escalator reminded me a lot of Buddy the Elf!

Trick or Treating!

Lucy from Peanuts and our little Fairy. 🙂