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Summer 2013 Round-up

4 Sep


We have/are having a phenomenal summer. A bulleted recap for you, faithful readers:

  • Nova had a birthday party
  • She got some belated gifts
  • Tamara’s bridesmaids and I threw her a terrific nautical themed Stagette
  • Cale celebrated another year as a stellar Dad
  • Nova’s actual birthday rolled around and my Mom came to help us celebrate
  • Lux’s boyfriend Beckett came for a visit
  • Anthony and Jen had a beautiful baby named Hannah
  • Emery and Ashlyn started coming over for playdates
  • Tamara and Jerred got married
  • My sister came for a visit with her boyfriend Ross
  • I had a sleepover and went shopping in the Unites States with my BFF
  • Emery came over on her birthday and we had a pool party
  • Nova and Lux’s cousin CJ came to visit from Ontario
  • We watched a lot of movies
  • We went to the library
  • We spent a lot of time at the park
  • My family from Lloydminster came to Penticton and we went to hang out with them
  • Our family friends bought a house!

We also went camping and learned a lot of new skills, but those are posts for another day. For now…Summer-time collages.

Summer 2013 1



Summer 2013 2


Summer 2013 3


Summer 2013 4

Summer 2013 5


Summer 2013 6


Lux and the Lord

9 Jun

I want to blog about Nova’s birthday party, but I can’t neglect to mention the milestone that was Lux’s Baptism.

I need to start making lists of “must have” photos at events revolving around these ladies.

I searched and searched for days for the perfect outfit for Lux. Nova wore my old outfit and I wanted to find Lux something similar, but still unique to her little cheerful disposition. I finally found what I was looking for, at Sears of all places, the day before!

Lux was baptized on May 26th, 2013, and she didn’t even cry when the water touched her sweet little head.

I’ve been going to my home church, Faith Lutheran, since I was very, very young. All of the people who go there are like a second family to me. We convened every Sunday for years and years and years until in typical teenaged fashion I began to form my own opinions and beliefs and decided waking up that early on a weekend wasn’t worth it and slowly stopped going regularly. Now I’ve moved several times, life gets busy, I work weekends, and have formed my own strong belief system, but I very much miss that sense of community and love and I very dearly miss the congregation that I grew up with. I miss knowing about their lives and seeing their faces regularly. These are people that I love very dearly and who love me and my continuously growing family. They threw me a surprise bridal shower and baby shower, have supported my family during times of joy and sorrow, and will always have a very real, very loved place in my heart. I’m grateful to my Mom for dressing me in my Sunday best and dragging me kicking and screaming, even when she may have wanted to give up.

Nova was baptized there, and now, so is Lux!



I wasn’t sure how Nova would hold up but she did very, very well. She ran around a little during the ceremony but didn’t scream or throw things or cause any general mayhem. Her Grandparents were very good about keeping her contained and well-behaved.

I love the tradition and meaning behind Godparents. To us, it’s a huge deal to select someone to be a Godparent. I’m very happy to say that so far the choices have been very easy. Nova’s Godparents are her Uncle Jerred and Auntie Chantelle, and Lux’s are her Uncle Johnathan and Auntie Tamara. I mean, come on. Could it be anyone else?

17 Godparents

I love these three so much.

I love traditions that call for a coming together of family and a celebration of milestones in children’s lives. If I never had to celebrate another birthday again, but my kids could feel special on every other day of the year that would be a great trade.

16 Group Photo

I’m so grateful to our family for coming out to support Lux and to love her as much as well do. These kids are pretty lucky.

After church service, we headed back to Cale’s Dad’s for cake and a small gift opening, and Lux immediately fell asleep after her big day out.


I made cake. I’ve been really flexing my baking muscles lately so I made this cake from scratch, made the icing from scratch and then iced it myself. I don’t own a piping bag so I did this with a ziplock bag and pulled together ingredients since it was kind of a last minute plan. That’s supposed to be a sun in the bottom right corner…because Lux is my little sunshine, but…well…you can just pretend you got it.


A beautiful Winne-the-Pooh carousel from her Godmomma Tamara.

Nova was more into presents for this event than any other present giving occasion! Christmas is going to be fun this year. Ha.







Thank you to Tamara for picking up my camera and capturing these moments, thank you to my children for making me so proud and being so well-behaved, thank you to everyone who came from near and far (my Mom came from Penticton!), thank you to the congregation for being so wonderful and full of love during my formative years, and thank you to my brother and best friend for agreeing to care for, love, and nurture little Lux as she journeys through life, I’m sure she’ll need you more than you know.


Making Friends

26 Feb

One of the best things about having a new baby is that EVERYONE comes to visit! I LOVED introducing our friends and family to Nova once she made her grand appearance and I am JUST as excited to do the same for Lux. I love every comment about how “big” she is, I like watching people look from Cale to me and back again trying to figure out which one of us she looks like (for the record…it’s neither! Lol.), I especially love passing her off and seeing the look of love wash over the faces of the people I love! We are so lucky to have such amazing, loving, wonderful people in our lives, and Lux and Nova are so lucky to have such a wonderful extended network of friends and family to teach them, guide them, and more than likely get them into some trouble as they grow up.

Dan and Lux

I’ve known Dan for…well…a very long time. I love having friends from all different walks of life and in all stages of their lives! We went from dirty, uncaring teenagers to grown-ass adults with careers and relationships and homes and children. I love each and every relationship that has grown along with me over the years and I’m always so pleased when I think about the friendship Dan and I share. We easily could have drifted apart over the years but a little cultivation on our parts have kept our friendship strong and firmly rooted in mutual respect and admiration. I’m also happy to report that he didn’t even make a face when I passed Lux his way. Another sign of growing up I suppose. Heh.


One of the awesome things about everyone coming to hang out with us and the girls is that I get to see how THEY are changing as well! I’ve known Tylynn for the ENTIRETY of her young life and even though I’m not THAT much older than she is, it’s been such a pleasure being a part of her life and watching her grow into the intelligent, conscientious, caring young woman that she is today. I cannot believe that the two photos below are only a year and a half apart. (The left is with Nova and the right is with Lux.) She graduated from High School just this past year and I’m not ashamed to admit that visions of my own daughters’ high school graduations flitted across my brain and brought tears to my eyes, as she is the “baby” of her family. I’m so proud of Tylynn and so thankful for her and her wonderful family. Hopefully she can take a picture of me holding HER babies someday.

tylynn and the girls

Mother’s Day!

15 May

Our Mother’s Day was absolutely fabulous!

Cale woke up much earlier than either Nova or I did and made me breakfast in bed, then allowed me to nap while he did the Dad thing for the rest of the morning.

Then we packed up and headed over to MY Mom’s to spend some quality time playing in the sunshine, sliding around on their Lil’ Tykes slide and just having a great time! My Mom even allowed me the chance to sneak in another nap! (She’s the best.)

This is a great month for Mom’s as we’re heading to Saskatoon for the weekend to spend some time with my Grandma for her 80th birthday! Plus my amazing cousins (parents to 3 girls) are generously hosting a Sunday BBQ that will no doubt be amazing amounts of fun. There’s really nothing better than family, sunshine and getting away. 😀

A big, huge Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mama’s out there in all of your many shapes and sizes. Just having a baby isn’t what makes you a Mom, it’s all the love you have squished up inside of you and all the ways it comes pouring out of you. So whether you’re the Mama to your own baby, someone else’s, future babies, or even fur babies (we know you Mama’s are out there in spades) this is for ALL of you and for all you do. ❤


My mom, me, Grandma, and 2 month old Nova. 🙂