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Lux – 7 Months

16 Aug


Lux’s seventh month was pretty dynamic!

She got her first tooth.

10 Tooth

She also worked very hard on her upward mobility and went from lying on the floor, desperate to see everything going on by craning her tiny little neck every which way, to pulling herself along with her delightfully strong arms Army style. Following me around from room to room snorting from the effort and from being excited that she can finally follow big sister around, get that squeeky toy across the room (usually her Sophie the Giraffe doll) and shovel cheerios and other treats into her mouth.


She made the transition to solid food like a champ and baby led weaning is going AMAZINGLY well. She loves all kinds of food. Avocados, steamed carrots, toast, bananas, strawberries, everything. She’s loving every minute of it. It is so fun introducing her to new foods. I don’t know if she realized that she’s eating something new or if she’s just excited to be eating in general but it’s pretty entertaining either way.


We’re THISCLOSE to being able to get a good night’s sleep. She goes to sleep around 7pm and if we’re lucky she’ll wake up at midnight when we move her from our bedroom, and then again at around 2/3. Some nights there is still a 5am cuddle needed, but more and more often we’re able to stretch it to 7am. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Mama misses her sleep so much! Fortunately, her chubby little grin makes the late nights worth it. I mean, come on!


Lux is a pretty cute baby, but I feel like photos never quite capture her the right way. In person she is delightful, charming, good natured, determined, hilarious and eager to please. She’s started mimicking our voices so we squawk at one another like birds in high pitched falsettos. It’s a very weird Mama/Baby bird-like dynamic without the feeding process. (She eats like a human without cutlery, never fear.)


A Lux tattoo is forthcoming! July was a VERY busy month for us but things are settling down which means more time for snuggles, giggles and tattoos.

Soon to follow…CRAWLING! I cannot wait for her to be running after Nova! I cannot wait for them to be able to play together! And I cannot wait until she can hug her big sister goodnight! (I think Nova might be excited about that as well.) For now we will settle for the amazing belly laughs she lets out every time Nova comes in for a kiss. It’s pretty amazing.


Lux – 6 months

2 Jul


I’m coming to terms with the fact that I have a toddler, and a baby.

My baby is already half a year old.

In the circus that is our life, keeping all of our balls in the air while we juggle our many commitments means that Lux’s life is passing me by at light speed and, like with her big sis, I’m grateful for the moments when it’s just her and I and a little felt ribbon pinned to her chest.

I bought this outfit for Nova when she was a year old from Dandelion Kids on Commercial Drive. It was the tail end of summer and I thought, “It’s just so cute.” It never really fit her though. It was too small in the arms and too long. The diaper cover was saggy in weird places and although the print is adorable it just wasn’t right. So she tried it on and then it was packed away into a bin to be given away, or for our “maybe baby”.

Turns out, it was waiting for Lux to come along and fill it out. She wears it the way I imagined it being worn. Just past her delightful belly but not quite hitting her dimpled knees. Her ruffled butt wiggling around hilariously while I try my best to capture photo after photo of this hilarious moment in time.


She is generally a very good natured baby. She only cries because she wants one more, five more, ten more minutes of your time, but never just for no reason. She has one small tooth poking through the bottom of her gums but the only reason I know is because I’m looking for it. It takes her about 30 seconds longer to fall asleep.



She’s started realizing when the camera is out. I can’t distract her with silly faces or weird noises to make her give me a big, dopey grin.



Sometimes I can still trick her.

At her last check up the nurse informed us that Lux is the size of the average 1 year old. She’s 20lbs and 72cm long/tall. She is full on with the baby push-ups and dragging herself around. Sometimes she manages to lurch forward awkwardly, amazed by her own achievements and other times she just scoots backwards across the floor, getting herself into and out of the most impossible situations. I wish I had a fraction of her flexibility.


I love her baby toes and her awesome rolls. I love her easy going nature and her newfound interest in her surroundings. I love that she is more or less sleeping through the night. Ha. She laughs when we tickle her, and it’s exactly the sort of hilarious, chubby baby laugh you’d expect.

She’ll be crawling so soon, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was walking by her first birthday.

I’m so excited to see what she’ll do next.


3 Month Photos – Outtakes

20 Sep

I forgot to put Nova’s ribbon on for her 3 month photos at first, but we still got some ridiculously cute shots of her that I wanted to share before posting the ACTUAL 3 month photos. 🙂

She’s a cutie.

Nova's 3 month outtakes