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23 Dec

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8 Months – Octavo Mensis

17 Feb

Sorry for dropping off the face of the planet there!

It’s been an entire month since I last updated and what a month it has been. This week Nova (and the rest of us) will be moving to our new home. I thought that moving with a baby would be challenging but as it turns out, it’s not really so bad. Her things don’t take up a lot of room and she’s pretty content to let us sit her down in all sorts of hilarious objects (boxes, empty refrigerators etc.),  with various things to play with (newspaper, plastic dishes, random things from my own lost childhood). There are going to be a lot of fun things for us to do in our new neighborhood like Baby and Me swimming lessons, dance lessons, yoga, and lots of parks for us to play in. February is coming to a close and this will be a wonderful place for Nova to have her first birthday and get her waddle, I mean, walk…on.

Is she walking yet? NOPE! But she is determined to move one way or another. To our amusement and her increasing frustration she is able to push off of her hands and move backwards away from the object of her desire. In a very funny and interesting turn of events, she has learned that she can turn herself in a 180 and THEN push backwards to get to where she wants to go. Smart kid right?

She’s also teaching us that she doesn’t particularly care what stuffed animal or toy she plays with so long as it makes noise, she can put it in her mouth, it doesn’t hurt if it accidentally falls on her, and provided that she is in a “playing” sort of mood. If not, beware! In a foul mood, this child will push, kick, roll, flail, and generally make a fool of herself until she is a) fed or b)put to sleep where she will indignantly roll over, shove her thumb angrily into her mouth, and stare bloody murder at us until we vacate the premises and let her sleep. “How dare you delay my nap you devil woman?!”

Yes…we have a feisty child.

She is not talking, walking, showing teeth, or pulling up on anything yet but stay tuned for those milestones, I feel that they are only a hop, skip and jump ahead.







“It’s so nice to have a cuddle with a person that you love
Feels so good to have a snuggle with a person that you love
When I’m happy or in trouble I run fast right on the double
Just to sit and have a cuddle with a person that I love”