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What We’re Reading in September

15 Sep

There was a book warehouse sale around my place not too long ago and we found some great deals, notably, a series of black and white books for babies!!!

We got 3 books and 1 package of black and white flashcards! I love it!!! And Nova loves it too! She often giggles and drools her way through these visual adventures and has figured out how to gnaw on the flashcards. I love the whole series and hope we can collect more of these fantastic baby books.

We also found a great baby sign language book!

I love the idea of Nova being able to communicate with us before her complex language processors are in full gear. So far Cale and I are getting good at Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa and milk. Ha. We try to remember to use it for the words we know and hopefully, eventually, she’ll pick up on it! If not, at least we’re having fun in the process. 😀

Great Read – Dinosailors

10 Aug

Picked up a great board book from Chapters the other day:

Dinosailors by Deb Lund is fabulous! We love it! The rhyming really seems to soothe Nova and the colors in the book are phenomenal so she’s getting a lot of visual stimulation as well. Howard Fine as an illustrator is absolute perfection. The story is hilarious and the characters are oh-s0-very lovable for anyone who happens to be a dinosaur fan. Who ever thought that a T-Rex and a Brachiosaur could get along on something as small as a ship?!

I definitely recommend it for girls or boys (although it DOES have a more male leaning…simply because they are dinosaurs). It’s supposed to be for ages 3-7 but Nova is only 2 months old and there is lots for her to be entertained by when it’s story time. I’m looking forward to heading back to the bookstore for the next installment…