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Night 1 Update

20 Mar

Night 1 of the Baby Sleep Project is going very well so far. Her pattern has been to go down for bed at 7, and wake up every hour and a half following that.

Generally, she would be up at this very moment (about 1am), but aside from a small outburst at 8:30pm (resulting in some tummy rubs and soothing but NO picking her up) she is still sound asleep!

Fingers crossed!

Tricky, tricky.

19 Mar

Guess what folks…babies are sneaky little tricksters. Yeah…that’s right.

They are manipulation masters wrapped up in a chubby, cherub cheeked, adorable belly package.

Since Nova’s cold…the one that enabled her to get up 4 time in one evening, cuddle with Mom, get snacks and just generally be spoiled silly, she has discovered that if she screams for long enough, she’ll get the same treatment from BOTH of her parents. We slowly eliminated possibilities. She’s not teething, no longer sick, not too hot or too cold, she has her lovies, she’s always changed and fed, etc, etc, etc. We’ve chalked it up to the ever popular (and seemingly common at 9 months) separation anxiety. She wakes up, we’re not there, she wants some love.

After some researching and examination of her scheduling today we are attempting Day 1 of the Get My Baby Back to Sleep Project.

All this week I intend to be militant about her schedule including 2 naps every day and a set-in-stone bedtime routine that incorporates the following:

Dinner + Bottle
Cuddle Time

If I am correct in my assumption of the problem with her sleep schedule by the end of this week she should be back to her normal, sleeping through the night, not waking up screaming self.


Wish us luck!