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Nova – 19 months

2 Mar


It feels a little like the months between 12 and 24 are all starting to blend together. Nova is constantly learning new things, but they are all small, like her. She’s working on things like her vocabulary, feeding herself with a fork, putting on her own socks, taking off her own pajamas. Her hair is getting longer, slowly but surely, and we brush out the tangles every morning and every night so that they don’t turn into tiny baby dreadlocks. Her wants and needs are becoming clearer and she’s showing a real preference for which games she wants to play and which games she simply has no patience for. She brings us her shoes and coat when she wants to go outside and walks around with her preferred blanket when it’s time for a nap, or bed. She loves bath time and has moved away from stacking and more towards organizing, often spending 30 minutes at a time organizing her dolls and toys and small figurines first in the living room, then in her bedroom. We find ourselves side stepping her as she runs from one end of the house to the other re-organizing our somewhat methodical chaos.


She laughs at us when we make mistakes, which is hilarious, and has developed a sense that not everyone is family, or a friend, and she’s hesitant to accept physical contact from just anyone. I like that she has personal space.


One night after she had a nightmare I went into her bedroom and lay on the floor just outside her crib. I put my hand through the slats and stroked her hair until she fell asleep, her small body still occasionally shuddering as she got over her fear. Now when it’s Mom’s turn to put her to bed, she lays down and asks for my hand, then places it on her head, wanting me to repeat an action that comforts both of us. If I didn’t have other obligations I would undoubtedly stay there, lying on her foam letters until we both woke up at 8am. I have to tear myself away reminding myself that I’m the only one who knows that these moments are fleeting, and that I have to treasure every second.


Night 1 Update

20 Mar

Night 1 of the Baby Sleep Project is going very well so far. Her pattern has been to go down for bed at 7, and wake up every hour and a half following that.

Generally, she would be up at this very moment (about 1am), but aside from a small outburst at 8:30pm (resulting in some tummy rubs and soothing but NO picking her up) she is still sound asleep!

Fingers crossed!

Tricky, tricky.

19 Mar

Guess what folks…babies are sneaky little tricksters. Yeah…that’s right.

They are manipulation masters wrapped up in a chubby, cherub cheeked, adorable belly package.

Since Nova’s cold…the one that enabled her to get up 4 time in one evening, cuddle with Mom, get snacks and just generally be spoiled silly, she has discovered that if she screams for long enough, she’ll get the same treatment from BOTH of her parents. We slowly eliminated possibilities. She’s not teething, no longer sick, not too hot or too cold, she has her lovies, she’s always changed and fed, etc, etc, etc. We’ve chalked it up to the ever popular (and seemingly common at 9 months) separation anxiety. She wakes up, we’re not there, she wants some love.

After some researching and examination of her scheduling today we are attempting Day 1 of the Get My Baby Back to Sleep Project.

All this week I intend to be militant about her schedule including 2 naps every day and a set-in-stone bedtime routine that incorporates the following:

Dinner + Bottle
Cuddle Time

If I am correct in my assumption of the problem with her sleep schedule by the end of this week she should be back to her normal, sleeping through the night, not waking up screaming self.


Wish us luck!

8 Months – Octavo Mensis

17 Feb

Sorry for dropping off the face of the planet there!

It’s been an entire month since I last updated and what a month it has been. This week Nova (and the rest of us) will be moving to our new home. I thought that moving with a baby would be challenging but as it turns out, it’s not really so bad. Her things don’t take up a lot of room and she’s pretty content to let us sit her down in all sorts of hilarious objects (boxes, empty refrigerators etc.),  with various things to play with (newspaper, plastic dishes, random things from my own lost childhood). There are going to be a lot of fun things for us to do in our new neighborhood like Baby and Me swimming lessons, dance lessons, yoga, and lots of parks for us to play in. February is coming to a close and this will be a wonderful place for Nova to have her first birthday and get her waddle, I mean, walk…on.

Is she walking yet? NOPE! But she is determined to move one way or another. To our amusement and her increasing frustration she is able to push off of her hands and move backwards away from the object of her desire. In a very funny and interesting turn of events, she has learned that she can turn herself in a 180 and THEN push backwards to get to where she wants to go. Smart kid right?

She’s also teaching us that she doesn’t particularly care what stuffed animal or toy she plays with so long as it makes noise, she can put it in her mouth, it doesn’t hurt if it accidentally falls on her, and provided that she is in a “playing” sort of mood. If not, beware! In a foul mood, this child will push, kick, roll, flail, and generally make a fool of herself until she is a) fed or b)put to sleep where she will indignantly roll over, shove her thumb angrily into her mouth, and stare bloody murder at us until we vacate the premises and let her sleep. “How dare you delay my nap you devil woman?!”

Yes…we have a feisty child.

She is not talking, walking, showing teeth, or pulling up on anything yet but stay tuned for those milestones, I feel that they are only a hop, skip and jump ahead.







“It’s so nice to have a cuddle with a person that you love
Feels so good to have a snuggle with a person that you love
When I’m happy or in trouble I run fast right on the double
Just to sit and have a cuddle with a person that I love”

Co Sleeping

28 Jul


Thus far, we have been a co-sleeping family. The night Nova was born she snuggled up to me and we both fell asleep in our queen size bed.

Cale’s Mom very kindly purchased a co-sleeper for us as a gift and I love it! It is so handy for easing parental fears such as, “Am I going to roll over on my baby?!” because the answer was, “Nope!” the co-sleeper was great but it turned our queen bed into more of a twin since it takes up quite a lot of space. Not to mention that our little lady would wake up every hour and a half or so and fuss before falling back asleep, plus she would squirm around until her legs were completely off of the sleeper and I’d spend most of the night putting her back into it.

We decided to put the co-sleeper aside and instead made her a little fortified pillow fort. It gave us a bit more room and she seemed to sleep more fitfully, usually only waking once or twice, making a few grunting/fussing noises and then falling back into deep sleep. Great!

Then about a week ago I fell asleep with her while she was nursing at around 10:30pm…and we didn’t wake up until 6:30am!!!! This was our most successful sleep! I couldn’t believe it! So we scrapped the pillow as well and just cuddled. The only problem is that aside from that one night when I must have been exhausted, I haven’t had great sleeps. She sleeps like a rock but I find myself waking often, afraid that I’m going to roll or pull the blankets weirdly or something else equally as scary for baby.

So…tonight we are trying to see how she sleeps in her playpen, which has been in our room, pulled up to the side of our bed since her birth. She’s got her pjs on and she’s swaddled and I even threw a thin blanket on her to make sure she’s warm.

I LOVE sleeping with her, but I recognize that I’m no good to her on no sleep. Ha! So, this is an experiment to see how she sleeps on her own. I’m partly trying to get a little more sleep for me, but also making sure that she is getting the best sleep also. If she ends up waking me at 2am and 4am and 6am then I’ll bring her back to bed with me. But if she sleeps well through the night then I’ll know to trust that this is a good sleeping arrangement and we can cuddle during her many daytime naps.

So far she’s sleeping well! I think this first night I won’t get much rest, but we’ll see. I’m sure we’ll have many more Sleepytime Adventures over the course of her life. 🙂 this is only the beginning.