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Tough Days

7 Sep

Lux is in the middle of teething, so her night time sleeping is sporadic at best, my husband is working nights and weekends to finish a project at work, Nova is in the midst of a hitting/biting/pinching/hair pulling phase that is driving me insane, and I don’t think I’ve slept more than 4 hours in the last 9 months. I love my life a great deal. I’m happy with where I am and what I have and I feel nothing but unbridled joy when I think about our little family and our dynamic together.

But some days are tough.

Today is a tough day. Yesterday was a tough day. In fact…this feels like a tough week. Nova and I have been struggling a lot this week, as I seem to be on the receiving end of most of her outbursts. That’s best case scenario, because I’m much more capable of deflecting toddler blows than her 9 month old sister, but it doesn’t make the days any less long or trying or occasionally leave me seeking solitude in the bathroom after the girls are asleep, head in my hands, fed up with research and consistency and getting advice from other parents and trying new things. Some nights, I’m just worn out, and I browse through old photos to remind myself that every stage is fleeting, and every moment passes.

For every difficult moment that we have lately, we have an equally wonderful and rewarding moment.

Lux and Nova played with the same toy, together, for a full 2 minutes.

Nova and Lux laughing


Lux and Nova


When all else fails, bath time is ALWAYS a riot.

bathtub laugh

bathtub kiss


bathtub reach

My oldest girl is gorgeous and wild and asserts herself as often as possible. She tests boundaries and pushes limits and her personality is the opposite of mine, which leaves me imagining many more tough moments in the future of our relationship. And I know she’s only 2, and things change, and I’m unbelievably proud of all of her accomplishments and the hurdles that her little brain jumps over every single day. We are both allowed to be frustrated, and we are both very forgiving.

So the journey to gentleness continues, and when we look back on these photos many, many years from now, the tough moments will be forgotten.

wild nova




Tricky, tricky.

19 Mar

Guess what folks…babies are sneaky little tricksters. Yeah…that’s right.

They are manipulation masters wrapped up in a chubby, cherub cheeked, adorable belly package.

Since Nova’s cold…the one that enabled her to get up 4 time in one evening, cuddle with Mom, get snacks and just generally be spoiled silly, she has discovered that if she screams for long enough, she’ll get the same treatment from BOTH of her parents. We slowly eliminated possibilities. She’s not teething, no longer sick, not too hot or too cold, she has her lovies, she’s always changed and fed, etc, etc, etc. We’ve chalked it up to the ever popular (and seemingly common at 9 months) separation anxiety. She wakes up, we’re not there, she wants some love.

After some researching and examination of her scheduling today we are attempting Day 1 of the Get My Baby Back to Sleep Project.

All this week I intend to be militant about her schedule including 2 naps every day and a set-in-stone bedtime routine that incorporates the following:

Dinner + Bottle
Cuddle Time

If I am correct in my assumption of the problem with her sleep schedule by the end of this week she should be back to her normal, sleeping through the night, not waking up screaming self.


Wish us luck!