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Making Friends

26 Feb

One of the best things about having a new baby is that EVERYONE comes to visit! I LOVED introducing our friends and family to Nova once she made her grand appearance and I am JUST as excited to do the same for Lux. I love every comment about how “big” she is, I like watching people look from Cale to me and back again trying to figure out which one of us she looks like (for the record…it’s neither! Lol.), I especially love passing her off and seeing the look of love wash over the faces of the people I love! We are so lucky to have such amazing, loving, wonderful people in our lives, and Lux and Nova are so lucky to have such a wonderful extended network of friends and family to teach them, guide them, and more than likely get them into some trouble as they grow up.

Dan and Lux

I’ve known Dan for…well…a very long time. I love having friends from all different walks of life and in all stages of their lives! We went from dirty, uncaring teenagers to grown-ass adults with careers and relationships and homes and children. I love each and every relationship that has grown along with me over the years and I’m always so pleased when I think about the friendship Dan and I share. We easily could have drifted apart over the years but a little cultivation on our parts have kept our friendship strong and firmly rooted in mutual respect and admiration. I’m also happy to report that he didn’t even make a face when I passed Lux his way. Another sign of growing up I suppose. Heh.


One of the awesome things about everyone coming to hang out with us and the girls is that I get to see how THEY are changing as well! I’ve known Tylynn for the ENTIRETY of her young life and even though I’m not THAT much older than she is, it’s been such a pleasure being a part of her life and watching her grow into the intelligent, conscientious, caring young woman that she is today. I cannot believe that the two photos below are only a year and a half apart. (The left is with Nova and the right is with Lux.) She graduated from High School just this past year and I’m not ashamed to admit that visions of my own daughters’ high school graduations flitted across my brain and brought tears to my eyes, as she is the “baby” of her family. I’m so proud of Tylynn and so thankful for her and her wonderful family. Hopefully she can take a picture of me holding HER babies someday.

tylynn and the girls

Turning 1

18 Aug

Nova’s birthday was a lot of fun. We had an amazing caterpillar cake made by our resident baker Tylynn. There were gifts, and family, and friends, and just general good times. It was really spectacular. We are so grateful to our friends for coming out and wishing our not-so-little darling a happy 1st birthday, and to our family for lending us their time and in this case, their home. Having an outdoor space to enjoy the day in meant a lot to us and we are always thankful. 

Here are just a few of our favourite moments of the day, taken by the lovely Stamata. 










Happy Birthday to my always baby, Nova.