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Summer 2013 Round-up

4 Sep


We have/are having a phenomenal summer. A bulleted recap for you, faithful readers:

  • Nova had a birthday party
  • She got some belated gifts
  • Tamara’s bridesmaids and I threw her a terrific nautical themed Stagette
  • Cale celebrated another year as a stellar Dad
  • Nova’s actual birthday rolled around and my Mom came to help us celebrate
  • Lux’s boyfriend Beckett came for a visit
  • Anthony and Jen had a beautiful baby named Hannah
  • Emery and Ashlyn started coming over for playdates
  • Tamara and Jerred got married
  • My sister came for a visit with her boyfriend Ross
  • I had a sleepover and went shopping in the Unites States with my BFF
  • Emery came over on her birthday and we had a pool party
  • Nova and Lux’s cousin CJ came to visit from Ontario
  • We watched a lot of movies
  • We went to the library
  • We spent a lot of time at the park
  • My family from Lloydminster came to Penticton and we went to hang out with them
  • Our family friends bought a house!

We also went camping and learned a lot of new skills, but those are posts for another day. For now…Summer-time collages.

Summer 2013 1



Summer 2013 2


Summer 2013 3


Summer 2013 4

Summer 2013 5


Summer 2013 6


Oslo and Jersey

22 Jan

I am very lucky to be an Auntie to a couple of incredibly adorable animals, and Bella is lucky to have some furry cousins she can play with every now and again!


We is so handsome.

Since Tamara and Jerred are off on their grand Thailand adventure, I decided to swing by their place to hang out with the fellas and deliver their Christmas presents! (Plus one I forgot to give during the holidays to their Mama.)


I smells your treats!

I’m happy to report that the boys are looking better than ever. Stamata is doing a wonderful job taking care of them and they were their happy, excited, snorty little selves for the full hour that Lux and I were there visiting them for. Sadly, I think we left a bit of a muddy footprint mess on the floor (SORRY STAMATA!!!) but overall I managed to keep most of their mess outdoors.


I wait for you right here, okays Mama?

I love cuddling these little stinkers!